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For the past 32 years, Dr. Zhou has been practicing Integrated Functional Medicine, which is an individualized approach that focuses on identifying the root cause of a health issue, managing and treating the symptoms, and preventing a recurrence. Dr. Zhou specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and he incorporates these teachings through the inclusion of acupuncture, energy cleansing, acupressure, Tui-Na (Chinese massage), and/or cupping in his specialized treatments. To provide his patients with the best possible treatment, Dr. Zhou is constantly researching and studying new effective treatment strategies to incorporate in his practice. It is this quest that led him to create the Herbal Detox Program, which is a holistic approach to drug rehabilitation. One of the keys to the Herbal Detox Program’s success is Dr. Zhou’s unique herbal formula, which detoxifies the body of all of the toxic drugs and works to rehabilitate the body to function without drug use. If you are currently looking for a new and effective treatment, whether for pain management, injury, or drug addiction, then call our office today at (754) 220-6799 to book your first appointment!

What services we provide:

Integrative Functional Medicine; Acupuncture; Acupressure; Tui-Na (Chinese massage); Cupping; Moxibustion; Energy cleansing(Qigong)


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